Rule your LOVE!

Who and what has the greatest impact on every man? 1. beloved woman, 2. seductive lingerie. If we supply every woman with point 2 it will certainly rule the man’s mind… We want to provide even more temptation! NOW the bestselling chemises even in 3 sizes! Men, be ready!



Rule your LOVE! -

... in XXL!


Never stop being crazy!

HOT, HOT, HOT! Spicy, burning, amazing bodystocking will be tempting also in XXL from now on! See which one and pick what you like!



Never stop being crazy! -

Spread the pleasure!


Eeny, meeny, miny… MINE!

Dressita collection allurs, Wetty tempts, Blackbella inflames and Batty… invites you to have fun! The choice is extremely hard. What you’re going to do? I have solution for you. TAKE IT ALL!



Eeny, meeny, miny… MINE! -

Charming and incredible flirty!


Let me rock you!

We’re coming with hot arrivals for self-confident women! In the new collection you will find something wild, sexy, and funny. Spicy bodystocking, stunning dresses and the perfect costumes. Something special for everyone! Check out our newest tidbits!


Let me rock you! -

Daring arrivals


Trick or love?

The Dressing Up season lasts all year long, but if you don’t have any costume in your closet you need to catch up it fast. For example now, in Halloween.

Click and visit Obsessive online shop, because to our warehouse just arrived some gorgeous costumes - tempting devil and spicy driver!



Trick or love? -

Let’s party!


Damn, I'm hot!

Snuggle up in a nice Musca collection which will give 100% warm for you and your man. Fall in love with deep burgundy – it will totally blow your mind! If it is not enough for you just check out new collection of incredibly sexy stockings.

It’s time to start the heating season!



Damn, I'm hot!  -

We will warm you up!


Connect the dots!

Sweetness and temptation in one? Hell yeah! It’s the perfect combination for every woman. If we add nice material and a little bit of playful spiciness to this we get the perfect mix! Malika collection brings us into a world full of feminine charm and flirty temptations. C’mon, wink to the cute chemise with black polka dots and spicy thong! P.S Ok, we want to make it even more sweet so… We’re also adding pink colour of Hotina. Do you like it? Bon Appetit!



Connect the dots! -

Super sweet arrivals!


Tricolore Mi Amore!

We loooove to mix charming and tempting styles so once again we introduce subtle collection that not only emphasize the feminine sex appeal in gently way. Guys are going to hot up pretty quick! Corella and Hotina Collection are also an ideal proposition for every day undies-outfit. Every woman should have secret weapon under her clothes… Seductive Obsessive lingerie is the largest caliber!



Tricolore Mi Amore! -

Shorties sexplosion


Try to-get-her

Amazing 2014/2015 collection is coming! New Obsessive styles are spicy proposals of well-known and popular bodystockings in a new nude tone. It will awake the male imagination for sure! New colours are also available in the extended size chart S/M/L and XL/ XXL!



Try to-get-her -

New is coming!


Orient sexpress!

Obsessive collection expands! New, incredibly sexy styles will be ideally to make every “love” opportunity for couples even more pleasant. From sexy, skimpy thongs to comfortable shorties, spicy teddy with an open crotch, feminine chemise and corset. Lavishly decorated material will seduce each woman and attract men!



Orient sexpress! -

Oriental dose of femininity!

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