News filled with colour? Aww, yes!

Did you know that Blackardi doesn’t have to be black? Yes!

We’ve done exactly what you’re thinking about! Our three, fabulous and juicy colours of Blackardi chemise just joined the obsessive family of joy.

Wanna meet them? Turquoise, cobalt and pink chemises are waiting for you! Don’t let them wait too long.


News filled with colour? Aww, yes!  -

Sexy, flexy!


We’ve got news – good news!

You know how to cheer us up. Nobody does it better! What happened? Well… we’ve got another incredibly satisfying award and we wouldn’t be rewarded without your appreciation!

Consumer Laurel 2016 just joined our collection.

It’s looks great in our hand and… whenever we look at it we think about our fabulous fans – about you!

Always yours,
Obsessive Team!

We’ve got news – good news!  -

You rule!


Easter fun!

Wishing you a Happy Easter filled with smile and great fun!

Let the Easter Bunny warm up the atmosphere and give you some naughty gifts!

Always yours,

Easter fun!  -

Happy Easter!



We’ve been working really hard and it paid off!
Our brand and produced by us sexy lingerie have been awarded with Quality Leader Consumers Award 2016!
This appreciation is incredibly important for us because it’s given by satisfied customers who know that Obsessive products provide not only fabulous look and great fun but also high quality! ❤ ❤ ❤
Thank you for this trust!
Hugs and kisses Obsessive Team!

Hooray!  -

Thank you!


Sleek and chic!

Here they are! Frillita and Maidme – our fabulous beginning of spring! They know how to play, have fun and give you plenty of pleasure. So? Don’t wait. Better get ready and start spring celebrating!


Sleek and chic!  -

Frilly fun!


Special pleasure agent!

Here they are: Greyla and Greylita! The queens of the pleasure jungle, so… better get ready for incredibly hot evenings! Don’t wait. Act! Order Greyla and Greylita and… know better why do we love grey shades so much!

Special pleasure agent!  -

Naughty you!


Obsessive knows what’s good for February!

Let’s go to… Oradea! This collection is going to give you plenty of pleasure and pamper you with nasty details. And she’s got a surprise! Platinia and Perlash came here with her!

So? Order them and let’s heat up the atmosphere!


Obsessive knows what’s good  for February!  -

Love idea!


We’re not slowing down!

We’re on a constant journey! We’re changing and improving our details all the time! And changing our boxes was one of these moves!

New, eye-catching design, sexy, spicy and fun colours, encouraging descriptions and magnetic closure. Our new boxes are absolutely stunning and unique. That’s why we gave up on using holograms – even without them boxes look perfect! Remember, the best evidence of real Obsessive is fun - not a hologram!

Are you curious about our next step? Well, better get ready! We’ve got something special! ♥ ♥ ♥

We’re not slowing down!  -

New look of Obsessive!


Love, we can feel it in the air! ❤

Of course it’s love! Valentine’s Day soon and every couple is going to celebrate this day in a special way. With Romansia collection you can feel the real pleasure and look incredibly good. So… 3,2,1 – are you ready for your order?

Love, we can feel it in the air! ❤ -

So sexy, so romantic!


January is on fire!

Aww yes! With this incredibly hot collection of spicy bodystockings your customers will be on fire too! So? Don’t wait – heat up the atmosphere with our absolutely stunning, new arrival!

January is on fire!  -

Start the play!

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